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Survival of the Fitted

Dec 2, 2022

Inner-web talk with Joe Williams and LeagueFits Extraordinaire Ian Pierno. Just remember bad fits…will follow you forever. Can you be purchased? How many IG followers does Markelle Fultz have? 

Ps. Shoutout to Kevin Knox

Ian Pierno -

Joe Williams - 

Nov 30, 2022

Extraordinaire Ian Pierno and Joe Williams are not with the turkey hate. Should we have Joe’s brother on the pod? Nick Young is back on Twitter and it’s fabulous. The most famous LeagueFits moment ever is….shoutout Raf Simons.

Ps. Dudes really out here lying about their height

Ian Pierno - 

Nov 23, 2022

Understanding the third-person vibes of “Dub” and finding the motivation to get dressed up for class. The Gucci Draft Day Suit and overall Draft etiquette. Playing for the NBA Fashion capital and shopping with SGA. 

Ian Pierno -

Joe Williams - 

Nov 18, 2022

A cool, calm, and collected Joe Williams welcomes us to #113. Ian declares that the Oklahoma City Thunder are the best dressed team in the NBA. SGA is a LeagueFits staple whether you like it or not. Are we seeing engagement fatigue? Kelly Oubre Jr. be stepping and Charlotte finally returned to LeagueFits eligible. 


Nov 16, 2022

Join Ian Pierno and the Him Reaper as they bend the ear of the curator of ink, Matt Mangano. Listen and learn how Matt combined his passion for basketball with his love for tattoos. Highlighting the meaning behind the needle, InkedNBA has now became the platform for hoopers to showcase their canvas, for better or for...