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Survival of the Fitted

Dec 14, 2021

It’s the boys only podcast and we got the unveiling of the brand new pod cover!  Fresh off Finals week with “27 Club Joe” and his music class mission abort to Parks and Rec electives. Ian Pierno is back in LA after a trip to Indianapolis where he’s been working with Myles Turner as a stylist. The inspiration behind Ian’s vintage Pacers “hoop” tee that Myles wore amongst trade rumours.
Jordan Clarkson wore a kilt this week and it’s the best kilt in NBA history. The controversy that it sparks in the comments section is always toxic AF. Gents, nothing is more masculine then minding your own damn business, be unbothered. Looking forward to the day where the “kilt” post doesn’t lead the comment section!

Ian Pierno -

Joe Williams -