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Survival of the Fitted

Feb 18, 2022

“All-star Joe” and, bringing a moderate level of energy, Mr. Ian Pierno who is seriously second guessing his decision to make the LeagueFits All-Star noms a peoples choice award. Maybe we need a LeagueFits judges panel to make the choices? Anyway, we out here, and we may be a bit bitter, but it’s all good.

Maybe Gary Trent Jr. actually dresses good. The guys are off to Cleveland for All-Star and we are here for it. These two together is motion picture worthy. Joe is ready for a potential in person Lebron rip of the week - which he plans to give to Lebron, in person, but before the guys take off we need to give a shout out to Kelly Obré Jr.’s pants.

Ian Pierno -

Joe Williams -