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Survival of the Fitted

Dec 21, 2021

Aka Ho Ho Ho Joe and Ian Pierno who is pretty sure he woke up with the Corona Virus, especially after verifying the symptoms with TikTok are back with episode 28 of Survival of the Fitted. Shout out intern Lily, who we knew played soccer at Duke but damn, finding out she got drafted by Angel City was wild! Congrats Lily! 

Go watch Spider-Man: No Way Home! Joe went to see it because spending time watching Zendaya on a big screen is always a win, but it was the best movie EVER! Joe cried, laughed, and had the best time ever watching it. 

What is the Metaverse and NFT’s? Would you rather buy a piece of physical art or a JPEG? So it begs the question are NFT’s cheating art? The NFT boom had Ian thinking what fashion in the Metaverse would look like? How can you differentiate quality of clothing in the Metaverse? Ian puts it all together for Joe and the outcome, Real life > Metaverse.

Some of the worst dressed men in the world are rappers. From Wale to Offset we enter the Gunna-sphere, the official club of worst dressed rappers.


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