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Survival of the Fitted

Mar 25, 2022

Aka the Puerto Rican Mohican and Ian Pierno welcome “DDJ” one of the best dressed in the league. Humbly speaking, David talks us through his Draft Suit with the Ricks, shades, and leather patches. Why it's important to keep it clean but also add subtle differences that stand out from basic. The cycles of fashion and the return to baggy clothes. Game-day fit routine, from getting ready at home, arriving at the stadium, to the tunnel walk, It's all for 10-seconds. 

When it comes to fashion inspiration, DDJ draws from multiple looks both in the league and out, such as the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Jordan Clarkson, and Travis Scott. David is not scared to rock anything, he doesn’t want to be boxed into something, that’s his biggest fear in the fashion game, aka stepping out with the “Babushka Boyz” fit. Also as a friend of the pod, DDJ suggests his return to Survival of the Fitted in the future!

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