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Survival of the Fitted

May 27, 2022

Joe is bringing us in with the gym gains plus breaking down San Jose gym fits. Why Sir Charles Barkley wore the most atrocious suit to The Bay. It is time to make Steph Curry cool and we’re gonna do it for FREE. Shoutout to Cade Cunningham, the latest SLAM cover. Random calls for Iman Shumpert and starstruck moments...

May 25, 2022

Welcome back to your favourite pod, hosted by Alumni Joe and Ian Pierno. Joe is fresh off his graduation from San Jose State and maybe inviting Elon Musk to his grad party? Also, LeagueFits awards and the newest topics are Survival of the Fitted’s cash app issues. Tap in now!

Ian Pierno -

May 20, 2022

Nickname Joe is back, so please welcome Moustache Joe and Ian Pierno as they chop it up with our LeagueFits awards panelists. Introducing fashion publicist John Guidry, @TheHapaBlonde, and Devon Byrd aka BrooklynsRevival. Peeling back the layers and talking all things LeagueFits awards. Enjoy!

Ian Pierno -

May 18, 2022

The votes are in! Finals Joe and Ian Pierno are back to announce what everyone has been waiting for…the LeagueFits award winners. You may have seen the sneak previews on the LeagueFits IG but tap in now to hear if your favourites are deserving of the awards!

Ian Pierno -


May 13, 2022

Call of Duty Joe and Ian Pierno are bringing the vibes today! We’re all more basic than we think, tattoos and Jesus…Identifying the origins of LeagueFits captions to leaked selections. Kendrick Lamar may have just dropped the greatest rap track of all time. Tyler Hero is the best dressed “white guy” in the...